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UOttawa Poltical Science

A photo of alexalepera alexalepera
I got accepted into UOttawa's polisci program and was wondering if anyone has taken the program or is going to and why. Thanks
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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
I applied to Poli-Sci to a lot of different universities, and sadly, what I've heard is that UOttawa's Poli-Sci program in particular is not of high calibre, and that's why I didn't apply - I've heard from multiple sources that Carleton's is better.

But that's just what I've heard.
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A photo of CoolBeans CoolBeans
Hi! I've also been accepted to uOttawa's poli sci program and that's where I'm headed next year. Though I mostly chose uOttawa because of its French Immersion program, I've heard that the poli sci program is decent. I've also heard that there are lots of opportunities (jobs, internships, etc.) for a poli sci student because of the university's proximity to the government (but I guess you would get that at Carleton too).
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