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UoW or UofT for Computer Engineering ?

A photo of SaiWaiMaung SaiWaiMaung
Hi Guys,

Please any advice for computer engineering ? I just received offers from both Universities and don't know to accept which offer. Do you guys have any idea about the percentages of getting a job after graduated from both universities. Waterloo has Co-Op and U of T has Internship in their third year.
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A photo of thePurpleEngineer thePurpleEngineer
Both are great schools for computer engineering.
Don't make the decision based on which school's gonna get you a job. Instead, make the decision on where you want to spend the next four years of your life.
I'd say go for UofT where we have a very lively campus life & tight knit Skule™ community.

UofT's PEY is well worth it as well.
(I'm skipping the list of reasons in this thread.. go search for "PEY" in this forum or the old studentawards forum site for the answer.)
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