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Update mark deadline?

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Hey guys, I just calculated that my tut. mark for a course is 2% out of 10% which makes no sense since I was at every single tutorial. Anyways im at uoftsg and need to know if there is anything I could do to fix this? I've emailed my ta but im worried that its the right mark and that she honestly placed 8% of the tut mark on participation. If thats the case are there any steps that I can take to dispute the mark? I have friends in the course who told me that they didn't participate much and yet weren't docked 8%...
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It really all depends on how your tutorial leader does things. However if that much of your mark was based on participation is should have been noted in your course syllabus or outline that you received your first class. It is supposed to have the whole year's marking scheme broken down.

If you really feel the mark is undeserved then email your professor next if the TA doesn't respond to your query. It will be the prof's final decision but from experience they usually let the TA figure it out.
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just an update, talked with the head ta and the mark was changed to a 6/10, still my lowest mark but not catastrophic on my overall gpa
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