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A photo of dr0g0np0w3r987 dr0g0np0w3r987
My mark for Functions is pretty low around low 80s, if i upgrade it will the universities penalize me or would they not even consider my mark? The universities i am refering to about the upgrade are Guelph, UoTM, Mcmaster and Western. Also, does anyone know what was last years cutoff were for Life Scinces and Bimedical programs at those universities mentioned?

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A photo of RedMittenDoc RedMittenDoc
Well, since I assume your in 2 semester schooling, if you drop it, it'll still be on your record so, if you drop and re-take you the unis can see it, and some don't consider it (google it). A low 80 will get you into Guelph and biological sciences probably, and western biological sciences and a bit harder but also maybe Bio-med... Unless your trying to get into McMaster Health Sci, which well your in a bit of trouble.

I would recommend trying this magical thing called google lol =D
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