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Upgrading Grade 12 courses

A photo of Barmak Barmak
I'm upgrading some of my grade 12 courses.. well alot of them.

I was wondering what a good direction would go in when applying for university I looked at the deadlines, looks like id have to apply in April/May 2012. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go as a Special status(mature student) next January then apply to get in by September?
I'm applying to University of Alberta, Mcgill, Ottawa U all engineering. The one I want to get in most of all is University of Alberta.
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A photo of sheslikethis sheslikethis
This sounds like a very good direction, by upgrading to a higher average it will give you a better advantage in getting into the program, especially if that program is competitive.

The more beneficial choice in this case would be to go as a mature student next January and then apply in September because it will give you the advantage of having more time to focus on your studies.

Plus, school orientation is a lot more fun in September ;)

- sheslikethis:cyclops:
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Well, if you're looking to get into U of A, you don't even need a very high admission average to get in.
To get into any program, the average is only about 75%, and that's in your top.. 5? courses.. including English and whatever other pre-req you need.
For sciences, it's only 75, I'm 100% sure about this because I applied and got into U of A and I asked them what exactly the cut-off is.

But if you wanted to get into McGill, that's a different story altogether. You'd need at least a 90% average probably.

But I respect the amount of dedication you have in further pursuing your studies. :)
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A photo of Barmak Barmak

Thx for the input I'm going to keep that path then. :)


U of A is the Ideal Canadian University for my needs. I'll continue and see where it leads me. :D

thx guys.
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