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Urgent : UBC vs UofT for Engineering!

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Hey, I am an international student and was both admitted to UofT Engineering science program and UBC Engineering. It would be nice if some can help make a decision and choose between these two amazing universities as the offer response in getting badly nearer. Please be objective, neutral and realistic in your comments. It would be very considered if you can support your arguments with thrustful material (ie. Facts and figures). Stating the Pros and cons will also be helpful especially when it comes to carreer opportunities, salaries, research, academia and graduate schools. By the way, let me give you an insight into the path I want to follow in my higher studies : I want to go through a rigorous background that will allow me to continue my graduate studies in a very prestigious university in the US ( such as MIT and Stanford ) and would then go for an MBA because I am really interested in this discipline too and combining them would be great! I heard about the Business certificate minor and Skoll program at UofT which is amazing! After getting my MBA and Master's degree in engineering. I defenitely want to go through a Phd and then maybe become a professor at university, have a work experience in the field then start up my own business! On the other side, I don't care about how hard I have to work to reach my far fetched goals! I am very ambitious and determined and ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of academic success! I love to be challenged in many ways but I am also a person who like to work under pressure. Needless to say that I enjoy doing extra-curiculars mainly sports and community service! I don't care about overloaded programs, I have 36h school a week (sometimes 4h continious class without break ) and I am used to work about 45h a week or more ( school + homework etc ). I still don't know what area of engineering I am really interested into (that's why I applied for eng sci at UofT ) but I have a tendency to appreciate robots design! In other words how to make robots and how do they work etc? I am passionately curious and would love to come up with sthg new in the field of engineering lol! I really hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Applied to:
- Engineering Science 1T5 - Accepted
- Engineering UBC - Accepted
- Sauder school of business ( UBC ) - Accepted
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Go for Engineering Science. And go as far as you can (i.e. - Masters and/or Ph.D.).
If you are one of the lucky few to get accepted into this program, it would be a shame to turn your back on this opportunity. And I think you'll find it more challenging and stimulating than other programs.
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I got accepted to Waterloo, Toronto and UBC for 2nd year civil (transfer student), and I chose UBC for a variety of reasons, many admittedly non-academic (amazing campus, great city, easy to fly to australia from). However, UBC I think is great for a more general engineering degree like I'm looking for, but if you're interested in robotics etc., something really technical, like that guy said I'd go to U of T, especially engineering science.
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