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Urgent: AEO Questions..

A photo of Finance27 Finance27
I got a couple of questions:

1. For addresses - we fill out only Kin and April right (I live at the same house year-round, no special circumstances). I put my father's name in the Kin address. This is what I am supposed to do right? And finally, I put my own email in the Kin. I just copied everything to April as well.

2. For PreRequisites, does this apply to High school/grade 12 students? It says "if you have taken gr.12 math courses and are a university-bound student" or something along that line. For me, I listed my 3 maths that I took/taking/will take.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY...We are supposed to make an "Insider Track" account with Ivey's website to do the HBA AEO application, correct? I made this before I applied to Western. How will they link this to my OUAC and grades? Will they just use my name to find my info?

Also...My school was not listed under the institutions, disappointment I know. Do they care about this? It is a fully public secondary school, built in 2003. Not sure why it isn't there.
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A photo of TegtheCoolDude TegtheCoolDude
1) Whatever you did was right
2) I did the same thing :)
3) I have the same question :D
4) List your school under the otehr institutions place. mine wasnt there either :P
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