yconic - urgent! i need some advice from u guys..
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urgent! i need some advice from u guys..

A photo of WayneEngi WayneEngi
hi guy..
i applied for:
Waterloo - Geo Engi
UofT - Track One
Queens - Engineering

my concern is that im getting really low mark in 12 chemistry.. i got this hardest teacher and my class avg is in low 50s.. im getting 68 so far but it is hard to be sure that i can raise my mark up to 70s... My other marks are not so bad i got

physics = 94
Adv function = 92
Data management = 86
and im sure that i can get

Calculus = 93 or higher
English = 75 or higher

let say if i get high 60s in chem for mid-term... do u think that i can still get offers from univerisities???? this chem is driving me crazy!
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A photo of Mig Mig
Listen I am not going to tell you what will make you happy, but ill try to be honest with you. Finishing with a lower mark in chem for midterms CAN jeprodize your application. HOWEVER with your marks it is likely you will recieve an offer for Uoft and Queens sometime in the march break. You will however need to finish the course with atleast a 70 (double check with your program) to be elligible regardless of wether you get march acceptance.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
A low 50s class average in high school is absurd. If it's the tests that are extremely hard you should go talk to your teacher and ask how you can do better on them. Maybe ask classmates who are doing better for help if you don't understand the concepts.

If all else fails and you're still getting below 70% even though you're trying really hard, I would talk to the VP. I doubt your school wants half your class to fail.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
yeah low 50's average for any class in hs is insane, buddy up with the smart kids in your class for labs, do some serious a$$ kissing to these kids even ask someone to tutor for ur next test offer them money. You almost have to get it at least seventy in chem. If the average is actually that low talk with your VP and if he doesn't help complain about it until his/her ears fall off and write letters to the board basically go off and bitch about it. I really dont know what else you could do.
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A photo of ChubbyNotebook ChubbyNotebook
Geological Engineering at Waterloo isn't competetive. It's an entry program too. If you manage a 70% in chem your chances are still good considering your other marks.
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A photo of arviny arviny
I feel your pain, class average at my school is ~40%, a lot of people have already dropped the course. It's absolutely insane considering all the students are asian.
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