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URGENT Schulich Questions!!!

A photo of aak94 aak94
It would be great if someone could answer my questions.

1. Is the SAF due tomorrow at midnight being the last time to hand it in? Or do we have till February 8 (wednesday) to hand it in? Kind of confused about this.

2. If I have retaken two pre-requisite courses, does that out me at a disadvantage for the BBA program?

3. When it says to sign the waiver on the SAF, do I have to attach that waiver to the whole SAF form or can I just copy and paste it into a section of it?

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A photo of Destiny2012 Destiny2012
You can hand it in on the 8th by 4:30 they said.

Who knows if they take into account repeated courses but they say they take the higher mark. You should include an explanation for your repeats.

If they already provide the form, you should just use it.
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