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URGENT! UTM cutoff for psychology !!!

A photo of Falhad Falhad
Okay, so during my first semester of grade 12 I went through a lot, family responsibilities as well as a physical accident that resulting in my missing a lot of school. I took 3 class which were Physics, English and Advance Functions
I got an 80, 78, and 65... I've never gotten anything lower than a 70 before and so I'm taking 2 weeks to recover my mark in the summer. The problem is I have absolutely no idea as to where the cutoff mark is at UTM right now (including my final marks in first semester and my midterm marks from second) I'm sitting at a 75.8 average. York has its cutoff set at 76% and I've contacted them already. I'm currently on hold with UTM and have been all afternoon. It would mean a lot if someone could tell me first hand what their cutoff is. I haven't gotten accepted to any of my Universities and I'm terrified that the 0.2% that I'm missing may be my downfall.
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A photo of larissa42 larissa42
You mind posting on here if utm got back to you about their cutoff for psychology? I applied to the same 2 programs, but i find it weird how the york cutoff is 76 but on einfo it says their range is mid 70s.
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