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A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
So basically I have done terrible on my first two tests in advanced functions..I mean terrible like high fifties.. embarrassing I know! Can I still get a 75 realistically! Can some one offer tips? I studied my ass off for my last test like 20 plus hours no lie.

I find it really hard and I plan on going into business. All of my other courses will be low to high 80's. What to do please help!!!!!!

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A photo of ruf ruf
In order for you to achieve a 75% in Advanced Functions given your current situation you will need to average approximately 79% in the remainder of your course, including the final examination. This approximate calculation assumes term work is weighted 70% of your final grade and the final examination is worth 30%, AND that the average of your first two tests was 77.5%.

I want to make it clear to you, however, that students achieving high fifties in an Advanced Functions course find it difficult to increase their averages by such an increment. Fifteen percent is a respectable jump that does not happen regularly after. My advice to you is this:
[*] Spend a good amount of time reviewing the content of the first two units (if the curriculum has not changed too much, I assume it is Introduction to Functions and Rates of Change), and gain a solid understanding of the material here. You can not do well in the course if you ignore your underperformance on these tests, it will stunt your progress throughout the rest of the course.
[*] Improve the way you study. It is unproductive to spend a significant amount of time studying when you do not end up properly learning the concepts. Mathematics is an application based course that draws on a significant understanding of only a few significant concepts; learn these concepts and get comfortable with them.
[*] Understand the mistakes you made on your tests, and get help from your teacher when it is needed and you have put a substantial amount of work into a question.

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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Mathematically, you can definitely get 75%!

Realistically, the results truly come from yourself. High school teaches mathematics in a way that really rewards the ability to regurgitate information. If your teachers don't provide formulas, start remembering formulas and become used to the standard questions that the textbooks give out. Most of the questions you get on tests should be in the same spectrum as your textbook (thinking questions aside, which really just depend on your ability to think (or cheat)). If you're consistent with your homework and actively listen in class, you should most definitely be fine.

If you have a notoriously hard teacher, look to the keener of the class and start proverbially sucking on their knowledge-staves until they start helping you. If they refuse to help you, bully/guilt them (whichever you think is more effective) until they do. Also, try to get the help of your older friends who have perhaps have had your teacher before in the form of past tests/examinations. Most teachers are too lazy to create new tests each term or take from a test bank that is mostly composed of similar questions.

If you've spent 20 hours on studying "your ass off", your ass is either too frail to comprehend basic mathematics or you're not studying nearly as effectively as you should be.

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A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
Okay thanks for the support and yes I do have the hard teacher haha! He takes off marks for the absolute smallest things! :( But yeah I am studying hardI need a 70-75 in the class! I have 7 tests and an exam! I gotta do it! Anyone have tips for this class too? Thanks
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A photo of gassergasser gassergasser
Your not alone......

I have the hardest math teacher at my school and I'm at a 61 right now D:
Would I be able to get a 70 by the end of the semester?
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A photo of loohopefull94 loohopefull94
To all who this may concern the hardest unit with out a doubt is Trig2 in my school this was proving different trig formulas and using them in different questions. You can definitively get a 70 if you ace all the rest
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A photo of brandonholmes brandonholmes
Mathematically (Btw give me a break I'm tired) almost any mark is still possible. If you assume 7 tests at 10% each, and you have achieved high 50's (we'll say 58 for both), then the current percentage of the 70 you have achieved is 11.6, with still 80 percent of the marks available, you can hypothetically achieve a 91.6 in the course.

Now of course this assuming that all your tests are weighted equally (which they aren't at my school) and that ace everything for the rest of the semester, but hey, it's still a pretty positive outlook when you look at it that way!
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A photo of Nitrous Nitrous
Yeah I would be satisfied with a 70-75 it's just my teacher is such a hard marker! She takes so many marks off even though the answer is right.It's all about "form" she says!
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A photo of brandonholmes brandonholmes
My teacher is the same way!

Just remember proper syntax, always fully label everything on your graphs, add a scale... I know its a lot to absorb, so just practice practice practice. Math is all about application, so just keep practising and I'm telling you it will come! Good luck!
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