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[URGENT]Special student needs advice

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Hi! I'm asking an urgent question for my friend who graduated from Sheridan College with a 4 year university degree in 3D animation just a few days ago. he's desperate wanting to get into richard ivey business school at UWO(don't ask me why). what is his chance of getting in? and what path to take?
some quick facts about him:
-horrible GPA in the last year of college, below 3.0
-cumulative overall GPA 3.25
-the degree is bachelor of applied art, not a 3 year college diploma
-high grade in high school 93% but failed grade12 english once and had to retake it in the summer school to graduate. will his high school grades help in any way?
-would not settle for BMOS or any other ordinary business degree
-almost no ECs except for a summer internship at an animation studio. no volunteer work,club or whatsoever in the past 4 years.
-math type guy, finished 3 grade 12 university-level courses with 95%+ average.

since it has become clear that he can't transfer to ivey directly, how likely will he be accepted into BMOS or any other program that can apply ivey. if he somehow manages to get admitted into ivey, can he keep up with the workload?

thanks in advance for your helpful comments.
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I'm pretty sure u cannot go back and do another Bachelor degree with his college marks or high school marks . If he is really desperate going into business, why not consider an MBA degree at IVEY?
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