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Hello everyone. I'm an international student in the united states! i'm in a community college right now getting my transfer degree in business administration but i'm SO confused! Schools in Canada are SO cheap and here in America, there really expensive! And here international students can't even work or anything but in Canada, if I apply to a good school i might be able to afford it from my working some and parents paying some tuition. My Current GPA is 3.2 (not so great, not so bad) I'll be done with my pre-requisites before summer! I need to apply for FALL 2012.

HERE's some schools I've narrowed down to:
1)Ryverson university- ted rogers school of management
2)York University (I'll apply for Winter 2012)
3) U of T

please tell me if i have a good chance of getting into any of these schools. you can recommend any good school, that would be great and also, a good school, the better. I just can't afford tuition here in the UNITED STATES! also please tell me the night life in Canada/Toronto :) Thanks guys!
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canada defs :P

as to the likelihood of you getting in: i'm not quite sure what 3.2 gpa is equivalent to in percent, but check the uni admission websites for their gpa requirements (should have some for US students)

good luck!
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Our highest ranked (unofficially) undergrad business programs are the Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario), Queen's Commerce (Queen's University), the Schulich School of Business (York University) and Rotman Commerce (University of Toronto, St. George Campus Downtown).

I don't know anything about transferring, especially from the United States, but those schools are worth checking out. I personally wouldn't really see the point in transferring to York University for their other business program or to Ted Rogers.

From an international standpoint, U of T is a very good international school. We have a considerable amount of international students at Schulich too, and apparently a good standing internationally as well. Ivey and Queens will be more pricey, but I hear that it's worth it. Both are pretty lively schools with parties (especially Ivey/Western).
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