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Using AMX4M1 as one of my top 6

A photo of S41nTsBuRY S41nTsBuRY
AMX4M1 is a credit for taking piano. I was wondering if this course can be used as one of my top 6 for universities? I had a spare in first semester and this semester I'm going to have 2 spares once I drop Calculus, which means I will have 5 grade 12 courses (excluding AMX4M1), so I really need to know if AMX4M1 can be used as a top 6 course.
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
You can definitely use AMX4M1 in your top 6. If you have other M courses though, just check that your number of M courses don't exceed the maximum number of M courses your program tells you you can have in your admission average (even if they put a cap on it, it's no less than 2 M courses). If they don't specify, then you can have as many as 5 M courses, which means it is completely fine.
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