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UT - St.George UNIVERSITY COLLEGE conditional offer PLEASE HELP

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I'm currently grade 12 and I've got an acceptance letter from UT St.George.
In order to get fully admitted , do I need to maintain my current grade?
what was the competitive percentage requirment for social sciences/humanities?

admitted to Social Sciences - St.George
87% geography
90% english
88% History
97% Korean
83% Biology
90% Chemistry

but now, I am getting C+ in chemistry and that really worries me.
but since chemistry is nothing to do with social sciences, i'm guessing it won't matter, right?
please advise!!
btw, UT accept any language 12 - Korean?
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I've never heard of an offer revoked based on a slight drop, but try not to test your luck. As long as chemistry isn't part of your top six, you have nothing to worry about. If you have specific questions, I think you ought to contact the admissions office. The staff there are in the best position to answer your questions.
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