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UT stream choice

A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
So I applied to the humanities stream at uToronto.

Does this in any way obligate me to major in the humanities at the end of first year? I've been thinking about psychology as a career (it's a science at uToronto).
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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
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A photo of HeroOfCanton HeroOfCanton
I don't think so. You can always switch mid-stream. I had a family friend at U of T who switched from music to biology. Just make sure you have the prerequisites if it's an option, which I believe are psychology and calculus.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
You're not obligated to stay in the Humanities. I suggest you take PSY100 - if it's UTSG you're talking about. I'm taking it right now. The reading is daunting, but it's hugely fascinating.

As HeroOfCanton said, just make sure you look at the Course Calendar to find out what prerequisites you would need to be eligible for a psychology major/minor/specialist. Take those in your first year, as well as any Humanities courses you want. At the end of your first year you'll then have the option of which majors/minors/specialist you take, and as long as you have the required courses, you can take anything.
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