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UTM 2016?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Hey :)

So I tried to do a search for any posts regarding UTM but came up empty. I've also been trying to find a facebook group for UTM, but with no luck as well. I'd be happy to make one if there is currently none.

Anyways, thought this would be a good place for everyone to just see other members who've already been accepted, etc.

I'll be studying Commerce at UTM this fall.

How about you guys?
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A photo of larissa42 larissa42
lol i made a topic like this, no responses as well. i guess theres either no future utm students on this board, or we wait till more acceptances come out in may!
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A photo of Aphex Aphex
I got accepted a few months ago for the Criminology program. I'm actually looking forward to starting in September since I took a year off.
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