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UTM BSC Psychology or UTSC BA Psychology CO-OP

A photo of fearlessforever fearlessforever
Hi, My dilemma is deciding which program would ultimately be best.
Would Bachelor of Arts co-op help me more than a Bachelor Of science non co-op degree?
Almost everyone I talk to tells me that a BA is a useless degree!
I'v also been accepted to Guelph BA Psychology CO-OP but i would rather choose U of T.
Any advice would be great :D
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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
A BA or BSc in psychology is worthless. Either way you're going to need go to graduate school in order to work in the field. Just make sure you have research experience if you want to go to grad school.
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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
It's not the name of the degree that matters, it's what you do with it. Your decision should come down to what put of psychology interests you more - the biological aspects surrounding behaviour or social aspects. If the biology interests you more, go for the BSc, if not, go for the BA.
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