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UTM Commerce (specializing in Accounting)

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Hey guys, I was just wondering how prestigious this program is? My goal is to become a CA so what're the advantages and disadvantages to this program? And how is it compared to say, Schulich, Rotman Commerce, or AFM-PA? It doesn't have co-op right? But it says co-op is offered on the Guide to Ruling the World website, does anyone know what that's about?

Anyway, thanks for the help in advance!
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Well from what I've heard you will be able to attend the same job fairs that the other two campus' offer. Also, it doesn't hurt that you have U of T on your degree once you graduate. The negatives that have been generally discussed involve the ability to stay in the program and the bell curve marking scheme they have. It does not have co op for its undergraduate commerce but does for its masters program. I would probably go to the other programs you listed, though I'm not sure how different it is from Rotman.
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A photo of blaiiz blaiiz
Is it the same 4-5 years of studies in UTM (even with the masters program?). As for the ability to stay in - the minimum average needed was like a 70 or something maybe even lower, so would it really be that hard to stay in? Debating whether I should just go to life sci at St. George 'cause this program doesn't seem that amazing.
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