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UTM Commerce vs Rotman Commerce?

A photo of KingJW KingJW
I've heard they are the same courses, around same tuition costs, and you graduate with the same degree. So the question becomes, what's the difference? ... Do employers know which campus you were on?

Also, I applied to Ryerson Business Management, and the two above. When do you get offers of admission, cause I heard people saying they already received offers... dont know how true that is.
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A photo of Finance27 Finance27
I highly doubt same courses. UTM and Rotman have like at least an 8% difference in admission (Huge exponentially).

Most likely employers will know, you would have to state the University on your resume/cv
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
They dont know whether you graduated from UTM or Rotman. You'll get the B.Com from the University of Toronto, it does not state which campus you graduated from. However, if you graduated from Rotman, you can certainly highlight that in your resume since its better than UTM lol..
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