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UTM life Science

A photo of MisbahS MisbahS
I heard life science at UFT is extremely difficult. Is that true?
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A photo of Reality Reality
All I know is that those who go to UTM will never have a true university experience (essentially, it's high school, part II). So, you're a tool if you go there, in my books. And yes, it's relatively difficult - it's UofT after all.
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A photo of sidhu sidhu
well it is a higly prestigious university and in order to work up to its standards you have to work hard.
I agree with reality, I've heard that before.
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A photo of ashleymacedo ashleymacedo
I go to utm for life sciences, and it's not easy, but it helps that there aren't as many students in the program as the downtown campus. Theres like hundreds of students as apposed to thousands of students in my classes and the professors are mostly pleasant.
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