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UTM: Majoring in Management / Psychology

A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
Hi everyone,

So I applied to the Psychology program at UTM and I plan on doing a double major in Psychology and Management to get an Honours BSc.

I am really worried though because I don't know if I applied properly. I applied to York's Psychology program as well and they already accepted me (based just off Gr 11 marks) and I applied to Ted Rogers School of Management (Ryerson) for Retail Management.

Should I have applied to the Management program instead of Psych? I have until Jan 11 to fix this in case I didn't do it right.

My goal at the end of all this is to have a management position in retail. Right now I work at Walmart and honestly, as crazy as it sounds, I LOVE working in retail. I know a lot of people say the customers are crazy and it's a hard job but I LOVE it. I was planning on working at Walmart until I get my degree so I can get a management position there (I know you can get a management position without a degree but it's so much harder).

My grades:

First Semester
English - 72 (this was at mid-term, I am going to get it as high as I can but I had a 91 last year)
Challenge and Change - 76 (this is from mid-term, I've killed everything since then so hopefully I can pull off an 80 +)
Individuals and Families - 78 (this is at mid-term, I've done really well since so I will probably get an 80 +)

Next semester
Biology (I hope to get at least an 80 because I've always done good in Bio)
Data Management (Never done well in Math but I am going to get a tutor and try really hard)
Food & Nutrition Sciences (bird course, but should I drop it for something else?)

Please help!
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
I would recommend that you leave your 3 choices as it is and maybe if money is not a concern apply to psych at Ryerson as well. But for some reason, if you can't apply to Ryerson again then leave your top 3 as it is. Who knows, you may just get in to Ryerson for Retail management. If not, you always can look forward to York.
Good luck (:
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A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
Thanks but I really want to get into UTM because I live so close to it :\

I have been looking at the courses for Management at UTM and they include Calculus and stuff... I never even took Grade 12 Calculus and I suck at Math... honestly the more and more I think about it, it looks like I would be more successful if I went to Ryerson but UofT is so much closer to me, and cheaper, and it's the only Uni I want to go to.

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