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Hey guys
I'm transferring to UTM from SFU and I've been studying at Beedie for a year now. My dad's job transfer suddenly got approved so I need to move to Ontario by the end of August. None of us were anticipating it so I took 2 summer courses. I got a really bad mark in my midterm for one of the courses and I'm doing alright in the other one. I'm scared I'm gonna get a C and a B- in these courses. One of the conditions in my admission letter says that I need to maintain a 3.0 gap but I'm afraid it will drop below 3.0 as it is currently 3.06. I won't know for sure till the end of August. Is my admission at risk if my gap falls below 3.0? They told me they usually finalize the admission on August 15th but that is the day of my exam. Can they decline you at the end of august?
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