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UTM vs. Guelph

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Which school is better for sociology? University of toronto mississauaga or the university of guelph? Also, what are the pros and cons of each school? Are the people friendly? What is the general vibe of the school? Thanks, any help is appreciated! :cheers:
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I love being at Guelph. The campus is wonderful and the people are friendly. :) The food on campus is the best in the country. The professors really seem to care about us students - at least almost all of the profs I've had certainly do. The city of Guelph is also a great little city, and I love the Arboretum at Guelph - it is great for walking or running.

I don't know much about the sociology program. I did have to take Intro sociology for my nutrition program, but that was the only exposure I've had to sociology. The course was certainly fair, and I feel I got the mark I deserved for the effort I put into the class (I ended up with an 86).
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