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UTM VS Queen's VS Western for Life sciences/biomed

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So, although I haven't been accepted to Western and UTM yet, I just wanted to start thinking of where I want to go next year!
My ultimate goal is to go to medical school. And I have heard that where you do your undergraduate studies isn't that important, but I still want to make the right choice :)

So I guess right now i'm debating between UTM VS Queen's VS Western for life sciences/biomed. I basically applied to the same program but they're called differently depending on the school.

UTM- Life sciences
Queen's- Bachelor of Science Honours
Western- Biomed

And I know that university isn't going to be "easy", but I have heard from some people on this site saying that Western is relatively easy to achieve a high GPA.
I know a family friend who went to Western and he had a high GPA but he told me we regretted going to Western because he didn't really learn anything... TRUE?

I guess I want to go to a school where it'd be "easy" to get a high GPA but still learn something.
I know UTSG would be crazy hard to get high GPA so i'm not really considering going there.
Someone told me UTM is a bit easier and you can achieve a higher GPA than UTSG. TRUE?

I'd really want to go to UTM because I don't want to move away too far :(

So to narrow it down my question is:

Which one of these schools is easier to get a high GPA in?
Which school is "easier"?

And please, no comments like "No school is easy", "You can't go to medical school if you want everything easy"...etc lol

Obviously no school is easy, but I just fee like one school would be relatively easier than the other to get high GPA in.

Thank you so much if you read the whole thing and please give me advice :(

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UTM is not much easier than St.George, but it is not as competitive. But it helps that the classes are smaller and you have more help from the profs. It's also closer to home. St.George accepts A LOT of people who applied there, while UTM actually only accepts people who they think would do well. So if I were you I would choose UTM. I'm finishing first year life science here and I found it challenging, yet I learned a lot and had a lot of resources so I'm glad I picked this over St.George.
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I have been accepted to UTM Life Sci and Queen's for Sci. I did not apply to St George. The reason why I did not apply to St George for Life Sci has already been listed here by someone. It is the fact that St George admits too many students, and weeds them out after an year. Since it admits a lot of students, competition is high. If you want a high GPA, St George is not the optimal place (not saying that one cannot get a high GPA there. It's just that attaining it at St George is more difficult than elsewhere). As mentioned, I did apply to UTM. Reason I applied there is because they admit only 350 students, thus classes are much smaller than at St George. Furthermore, I also like prospective of going into Biotech, so yeah.. The downside to UTM is that there are only handful of interesting specializations. Even though the campus is excellent (neat and organized), and I will have no problem in commuting (since I live in Mississauga, and the campus is only 15 minutes drive away), lack of specializations is obstructing me from going there.

I also applied to Western Ontatio for Biological and Medical Sciences, as well as McMaster for Life Sci. Currently waiting on acceptances for those two. Mac Life Sci is my prime choice, however, if I do not get accepted, I'll probably go to Queen's for Sci or Western for Biomed. The reason why I chose Queen's is because they have first year general, which will allow me to have more time to think about where I want to specialize. Not only that, Queen's Sci offers various interesting specializations (not only Life Science, as one that interests me a lot is Biochem). Furthermore, Queen's offers a real uni experience, both through extra curric opportunities, it's massive and extravagent campus, and it's reputation.

Western for biomed interests me for almost same reasons as Science at Queen's. The only difference (which I do not like) is that Western Biomed lacks room for specializations (it's sort of focused towards certain subjects). Why I still prefer Western over UTM is because of the uni experience :P

Anyways, that is just my opinion. You can reply and let me know how you agree/disagree.

On a side note, I could not help but notice that Queen's already accepted you for Sci (cut off is listed as 84+) however, Waterloo and UofT (UTM and St. George) did not? That's weird. Cutoff's for both Waterloo and UofT for Life Sci are lower than Queen's... I guess you got in Queen's already and not those two because of the PSE XD
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