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UToronto or UOttawa?

A photo of Milkberry Milkberry
I was accepted to both UToronto and UOttawa, and am having trouble choosing.
I'm in liberal arts, in the field of linguistics/languages.
I'm really stuck on choosing...any suggestions/advice? :/
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A photo of SamanthaHill0001 SamanthaHill0001
I'm not sure much about U of T's language programs but I'm at the University of Ottawa studying political science and russian and I love it. What makes it such a great school is the area it's in. I have only been studying russian for 2 years and I have already been to events at the Russian Embassy (which is a few blocks from the university...most embassies are), I've met the Russian Ambassador, been to events on campus with russian delegates, and been given the opportunity to go to Moscow in the summer for about a month and teach english at the University of Moscow, while taking free russian lessons there. The language professors are AMAZING, and most languages have there own clubs on campus (I know Russian does), and they love seeing people come out who are just learning the language. Great school, highly recommend it!
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A photo of salimush salimush
Well it depends if you would like to study a specific language. I know for a fact if you would like to study French, the University of Ottawa has a really good french program and if you would like, there are some courses at U of Ottawa that even teach in French. Also I know for a fact that there are more french speakers in Ottawa than in lets say southern ontario. Uoft doesnt have the whole taking courses in french.

Another neat thing with UofO is they have a masters in Arabic studies, which is really rare to see in Canada. IDK i just thought that was cool.Uoft only goes to a degree for Arabic literature. So ya by the looks of it interms of languages and linguistics UofO looks pretty solid. In my opinion i would choose UofO, because of my interest in french and Arabic.

But you have to decide,
1. think about whether the university is near you and whether you would commute or live on residence.
2. if you received a scholarship from the universities and which university is more expensive.
3. Look into the program itself or what you want to study, and which program looks more solid.

Its totally upto you. Good luck!!!
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A photo of Milkberry Milkberry
Thank you for your input!
I'm interested in Korean, Japanese, English, and French (since I'm fluent in the first three languages already).
UofT is much more expensive, by around $2000 more than UOttawa.
I'll need to go on res anyways because I'm not from Ontario.
And UOttawa is offering a scholarship, whereas UofT is not.
So the factors are all going to UOttawa's favour atm.

Thank you again for you guys' opinions/info! :)
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A photo of ktel ktel
U of T is so darn stingy with their scholarships. Definitely go to Ottawa, ESPECIALLY if you want to learn French! Best place to do it
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