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UTSC Comp sci (Co-op) vs UTSG Comp sci

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So I got accepted to both the U of T campuses for computer science. I just wanted to know the major differences between the two programs. I researched a bit and found out that UTSC has a software engineering discipline under computer science while UTSG does not. Is it still possible to be a software engineer or get a job as a software engineer even though I major in computer science at UTSG?
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In terms of differences: If I recall, UTSC has "traditional" co-op and UTSG has its "PEY" (Professional Experience Year).
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I think it is possible to do software engineering at UTSG as well, not sure though. Look at job postings, many software engineering jobs only require a degree in CS, not in software engineering.

There are many paths to a job, for example, to become a video game developer, you could get a degree in engineering, computer science, or math.
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