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UTSC Managment Admission

A photo of JK94 JK94
My average as of now is 87% and I only got the alternate pre-program offer. Do you have any idea why I did not get into co-op managment or atleast non co-op? Is it because they have no English mark for me, or because my grade 11 average was a 75? Can this offer be upgraded after midterm marks are out?
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
I heard co-op bba at ustc is a new program and are only accepting about 50ish students.
your 87% may not have met their requirements, but you should still have hope until the mid terms are released. Im in the same situation. good luck
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A photo of JK94 JK94
its actually not a new program, my cousin got into it about 5 years ago. The new program is INTERNATIONAL co-op management. But your sure that the pre-program acceptance can be upgraded after midterms?
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