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UTSC or York ?

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Is UTSC Psychology/Neuroscience a better choice than York Biomedical sciences?

I ultimately want to go to medical school but I know UTSC has a reputation for being a "GPA killer". My current average is about 85%.

So which one would be a better option?
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You're comparing 2 relatively different fields of study lol, Biomedical is focusing on research in areas like emerging diseases, etc where as Psychology/Neuroscience focuses Behavioural/Mental Processes and the nervous system.

You can't compare the 2 on which one is better, both are important fields in science.

If you're set on going into Neurology or Psychiatry then I'd def say towards UTSC, but if you're more interested in a broadened curriculum then go to York!

Then again I see you applied for Psych at York as well!

I personally think UTSC has one of the best Psychology departments, the course offerings reflect that!
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