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UTSC Pre-Management?

A photo of Bazinga7 Bazinga7
I was wondering what this program is and how it is compared to the regular management program? Is it worth going and is it still possible to get into the regular management by May?
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A photo of APartOfMe APartOfMe
You study the same courses like a First-Year student does, except there's one difference. I think in Pre-Management you don't do some Accounting course, but that's it.

Anyways, then you must apply again for a BBA program like Co-OP Management or just Non Co-OP and it's very competitive.

I suggest if you have a better offer to not take it, because you aren't even guaranteed a spot in the BBA program. It all depends on how you do during your first year.
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A photo of JK94 JK94
Does anyone know if the pre-program alternate offer can be upgraded to co-op or at least non co-op after midterm marks are in? My first semester average was 87, I have no idea why I only got into pre-program...
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