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Okay so last semester my average was 80. I applied to UTSC Management Co-op but as my average was too low, they gave me an alternate offer, Management (Pre-Program). This semester I've managed to bump up my average to around 88. My question is, if I don't make a decision for the pre-program offer, will it affect my chances of possible getting an offer for the main program?
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I heard preprogram was a piece of crap. I'm in the same situation you are, I got into the preprogram with an average of 83, and i bumped it to a 89.5 this semester. I hear they accept thousands of applicants, and kick those who do not achieve a gpa of 3.3.

And i don't think it will. Preprogram is an offer that they offered, not one that you asked for. I called, and they said they will reconsider our applications in may. So no, it does not affect your offers regardless of whether you accept of decline.
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They said admission depends on your EC's, Supp, and your average, with particular attention paid to the prereqs. I'm a person who always like to assume the worst, so, i think if your average is an 88, while the 3 prereqs are above low 80s, you should fine. In worst case scenario, they will accept you into the normal business and not coop.

I heard rumours that the cutoff last year was a 89 for coop, and 87 for regular management, and preprogram was offered to a lot of people. But i doubt those rumours are true, except the prepgoram one, since they told me that they do not have a cutoff.

So you should be okay, as long as your prereqs are decent, and your application was half decent.

Good Luck!
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