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A photo of anuiii anuiii
when ever i try to check my SAF this message appears


An error occurred while processing your request. Please contact your helpdesk or user ID office for assistance.

This service requires cookies. Please ensure that they are enabled and try your going back to your desired resource and trying to login again.

Use of your browser's back button may cause specific errors that can be resolved by going back to your desired resource and trying to login again.

Error Message: Error decoding authentication request message

is the same happening to you the form is due today and I have everything filled out all i have to do is press submit is the same happening for you guys how do i fix this
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A photo of Andalus Andalus
The same thing is happening to me!

Although I still have a few questions left. This is really ridiculous, the Admissions office isn't working today and won't open until Monday meaning that if this doesn't work, the SAF will be submitted late for sure!

They need to fix this!!
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A photo of xxMoonCakezxx xxMoonCakezxx
Switch to Internet Explorer.
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