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UTSC vs. Rotman?

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So I'm looking to obtain a business degree as my basis for entering law school. Of course, I would love your opinions on which University of Toronto school is better in terms of employability,quality of education, overall experience etc. I've heard from a U of T rep that it doesn't matter what campus you attend- you will graduate with a U of T diploma. First off, could someone confirm that? Secondly, would doing co-op Management be more beneficial than taking Commerce at Rotman, or would I be able to get the same career opportunities regardless? I'm debating which school I should put down as my primary choice. Any other comments are more than welcome!
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I would pick UTSC Co-op management over Rotman. If it's any other program, Rotman is better.
Yes, you'll end up with a UofT degree either way, but in my opinion, the co-op is a definite advantage for the same amount of tuition as Rotman. You'll get the same career opportunities from both. Ultimately, which one is best for you depends on your own priorities and criteria for picking schools. For example, if you want to be downtown and have a nicer campus, pick Rotman. If you want a smaller campus with a high school feel, but great job experience, pick UTSC.
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