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A photo of michellec16 michellec16
I applied to co-op management at utsc and bcomm at UTM. Which program is easier? Is the bcomm program at UTM easier than rotman?
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A photo of Yolo30 Yolo30
I am sure they are equally hard, its just the environment thats different.
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A photo of Johnk101 Johnk101
UTSCs program is horrible. Social life here sucks, the campus is boring and Scarborough is boring altogether. What they also don't tell you is that the accounting program is NOT accredited by the ICAO. You have to take extra courses to fill the requirements. Most accounting students DON'T graduate in 4 years, they're forced to stay back at least a semester, sometimes longer. UTMs program is accredited and you will have no problem graduating on time. Also, don't worry about co-op, plenty of my friends at UTM and Schulich got amazing internships with big companies through the internship program. It's actually much better in my opinion because you don't have to pay crazy co-op fees for the same jobs. Good luck in your decision.
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