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UTSG 1st-year elective suggestions please?

A photo of greentea greentea
Upper year U of T students or newly admitted U of T students who have some ideas, please suggest to me any elective courses that I might be able to take to fulfill my breadth requirement.

Some things to consider...

I'm a life sci student so I need Category 1, 2, or 3 courses.
Also, I'm slow at writing essays and it takes me a very long time - from a few days to even a week - to be able to write a good essay. So naturally I prefer having tests instead of writing essays. A few essays is okay, but having essays as the main form of evaluation will really hurt me.

And to be honest my current interests are narrow, I just want to take a straightforward course and get this breadth requirement over with so I can take more science courses that I like. But of course I am willing to explore different subjects. The good thing is I'm actually more flexible because there are many subjects that I have never studied or touched on before, because all these years I've only focused on math and science.

I'm kind of interested in the first-year seminars and in PSY100 but I'm not sure if those are suitable for me, so please offer any help you can for my situation!

[Don't criticize/lecture me on any of what I wrote here, I know you might mean well but please don't waste both of our time - I just want some suggestions on courses, that's all.]
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A photo of KilgoreTrout KilgoreTrout
The first-year seminars are specifically designed to fulfill the breadth requirements, so you should pick one that seems interesting to you and go for it. As to essay writing in them, they are mostly marked based on participation, but short essays or opinion pieces do sometimes come into play. In my experience last year, they are an interesting way to fulfill breadth requirements (although I personally didnt need to take one because my POSt fills my requirements through its required courses lol)
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A photo of greentea greentea
Thanks a bunch! I think that is most likely what I will do.

Just out of curiosity, what is your POSt?
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