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UTSG: 85 Average; Low English Mark

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I applied to U of T St. George as my number one choice of University and I'm starting to get freaked out because all of my friends are getting there acceptances yet I'm still left with nothing. I applied for Humanities [European Studies] and to University college. My top 6 marks on OUAC are:

Hungarian(LRG DU1)- 97
Challenge & Change (HSB 4M1)- 89
West & The World (CHY 4U1)- 85
Philosophy(HZT 4U1)- 83 Final
World Issues(CGW 4U1)- 81 Final
English(ENG 4U1)- 72

I'm just worried that my English mark will hold back, also when will the rest of the U of T acceptances be rolling out this year? Any help/answers is appreciated.

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last day to hear from any university is may 30th and last day to accept offers in june 2nd .. important dates are on the ouac website :)
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