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UTSG Applicant Portal- Engineering

A photo of lolcostco lolcostco
On the Engineering Applicant portal for U of T, under application status, it still says "Not Yet Reviewed".

Is that what it says for you guys?

If not, is this a problem? Should I call them?

ps. I applied to ECE.
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A photo of inyoface inyoface
U of T is a huge school so they tend to take longer. I believe "not yet reviewed" means that your application is complete and they just haven't looked at it. It shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind that they will most likely NOT look at this over the weekend either.
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A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
I don't know if this will help. Rotman is at UTSG is doing their acceptances on MAY 19.
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A photo of slowhill slowhill
I have the same thing as well, I applied to engsci (which i'm pretty damn sure that I won't get, so I'm looking forward to my 2nd choice now, trackone :D)
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