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Hi everyone:
I am now giving second thoughts about going to UTSG to study Biochemistry Specialist. The only reason for me to go to UTSG is to get into the Biochemistry Specialist programme. However, recently I just learned that there are only 40 spots in the programme! How unbelievable! UTSG recruit such a huge amount of students in their first year and this programme which I believe is one of the best Life Sciences programmes only take in 40 students at the end of the first year!

It is stated on the 2011-2012 Calendar that While it is difficult to predict what will be competitive course marks and average in a given year, based on previous years, the estimate is: course marks = mid 80s; average = mid 80s.

I have a few questions about this paragraph. First of all, what’s the difference between course marks and average? Is average is the average of all the course marks? Secondly, is it means that I should get at least mid 80s which is 85% (= GPA4.0) so that I can get into the course? I am still not quite familiar with the marking system in Canada as I apply from overseas.

I am also accepted by Imperial College London, Biology major. The reason why I put UTSG ahead of it before is that I want to study Biochemistry Specialist, Do you think I should go to Imperial College London instead?
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