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A photo of Amani431 Amani431
I'm choosing my first-year courses at U of T - St. George and I'm stuck between either HIS109Y1, ECO105Y1, or LIN100Y1.

Any of the three courses would fit perfectly into my schedule, but this would be my fifth FCE so I can't choose more than one. I'm also pretty near clueless about what I plan to major in, so I really don't know which to choose.

Any advice/suggestions from someone who's had past experience with one or more of these courses would be a huge help :). Also, does anyone know if any of these courses is guaranteed not to fill up? I could always sign up for that as a sixth credit after August 5th, then drop one later, I guess?

By the way, these are the instructors:

HIS109Y1 - K. Bartlett
ECO105Y1 - TBA
LIN100Y1 - TBA/Massam

Thanks! :)
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A photo of KilgoreTrout KilgoreTrout
You can enrol in up to 6.0 FCEs, but you can only enrol in the 6th FCE on or after August 3. So pick one course that seems the most interesting to you, and choose it on Monday. Then, on August 3, choose the next most interesting course and add it to your schedule, making your course load become 6.0 FCEs. Hope this helps.
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A photo of Amani431 Amani431
That's the plan :). I somehow need to find out which of these courses doesn't fill up by the 3rd of August, though.
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A photo of KilgoreTrout KilgoreTrout
Most first year courses sont fill up until after August 3rd
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A photo of Mariama13 Mariama13
I Say go with the History! I love history..economics will be a pain and linguistics sounds boring :p
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