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Has anyone received confirmation that UTSG offices have received their SPF forms (for engineering only)

i sent mine in, and paid 35$ too, about 2 weeks ago, and i still havent gotten any notice of it ever being received.

I dont plan on living on residence, and i didnt fill out that part of the form, but i dont see an option to check "will not live on residence" ?

at the moment, only that part of the form is "incomplete" but im not sure if that would affect the sending of the SPF
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Just wait a bit, I remember a couple of years back when I applied to UofT, they always take reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long
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Dont worry about the residence thing, just leave it incomplete. As for SPF confirmation, I was accepted into my program BEFORE they sent me a confirmation about my SPF. The SPF confirmation came during or after March Break, which if I remember correctly, was after the deadline for submitting one. They just sent one to everyone at the same time (I believe).

Something about U of T: if they can do something later than sooner, they will do it later.
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