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utsg entrance scholarships

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do we find out if we qualify for an entrance scholarship in our mail package?
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Depends. University of Toronto as an institution doesn't really give out many scholarships other than the one where if you have an average above 92%.
HOWEVER, your college will be more likely the ones to give you a scholarship offer. I'll tell you what happened for me. In my acceptance, it said I had been accepted to UofT, at Trinity College (yay!), and that I had gotten a Trinity scholarship! But the college would contact me themselves soon about how much my scholarship is.

Two weeks later, I got a package in the mail from Trinity College, telling me the amount of my scholarship: $2000 :)

So, I think this should go for everyone, you are notified if you've been given a scholarship from your college, but you have to wait until the college contacts you directly to find out how much it is :) Hope that helped!
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