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UTSG Life Science admission revoked??

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I accepted to UTSG life sci.
My calculus mark at midterm was a 70+. then at the end, it went down to a 60+. But my overall avg only dropped by like, 1% from midterm.Does this mean UTSG will revoke my offer??

The conditional said to keep my avg consistent and that on einfo, it says it pays particular attention to cal and eng ( is this for initial admission only, is it for conditional as well??). (my eng mark didnt change so i assume its alrite)

Should i take virtual summer school? it costs ~$500 :S

Side question, im entering sept 2011 uni, so for OSAP, i should select 2011-2012 schools year...right??

Thanks a bunch guys.

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How much is 60+ exactly? Usually a drop isn't very good, and they emphasize Calc & English. Despite me having 94% in english, they did not accept me because I had 70 in calculus... so it seems to me your might be revoked... all you can do is wait or call them and ask.

Or see what their policy is on summer school.
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