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UTSG Life Sciences?

A photo of mnborka mnborka
Okay so I know my average sits at a low 80-85, but all I want to know is if they want me or not. Is it normal for Toronto to take FOREVER?
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A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1
I'm above 85% and I am still waiting. They are taking so long. I tried to call but the automated computer that answers the calls keeps hanging up.
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
91.x%, no acknowledgment aside from the app tracker indicating that I'm still "pending review" after all this time.

Seriously, I'm pretty much just looking for SOMETHING to happen at this point, acceptance or otherwise. I probably won't end up going to UTSG anyway, but for whatever reason I feel inclined to wait for all my acceptances. :<
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
^ I had a 92.3% top six when I applied way back when, and I didn't finally see that I was accepted until around this time. No idea what it was, but 91.x% and 92.3% should absolutely be enough for early acceptance.

EDIT: it might have been that I ranked U of T #4.
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A photo of jjlk jjlk
omg! im having the same problem!i have a 93.7% average and my app still says " pending review"! what makes me even more upset is that i know people who applied and got accepted into life science with an average of 83-86%!i even listed it as my first choice. so idk. at this point, im pretty much fed up with them, to the point that i only want the acceptance to decline it right away. >:(
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A photo of mnborka mnborka
is an 80 enough to get in? i feel like it isnt.
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