yconic - UTSG POL101Y1 Waitlisted......
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UTSG POL101Y1 Waitlisted......

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
What are my odds? I'm 13 out of 37 people..............
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Edit: it is now 7 out of 51. But the line is moving so freakin slow. Anyone have any clue?
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A photo of Snowboarder629 Snowboarder629
You'll defiantly get in, it's a class of 1200 students. Generally on a waitlist you have a pretty good chance if you're in the 10% region. With you being 7th, you're at 0.005%. I'm also in the same boat as you except with HIS103Y1. It's a 480 student class, with the waitlist beginning on August 5th. Hopefully I get in.
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A photo of lms lms
does anyone know if pol101y1 is offered in summer? it has a conflict with my scheduled econ... i'm really afraid now :bounce:
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