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UTSG Social Sciences?

A photo of limamomoet limamomoet
Hello all,
i am hoping to get into Social Sciences at UTSG for the 2012-2013 year. I was wondering what anyone knwos about what averages I would need to get in. Are they any different from last year (low-mid 80's)? what average would I need to be safe and what other factors do they consider besides marks. Anything else I should know in particular about applying there? I've heard they pay special attention to your english mark but I'm not sure if that's true.
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A photo of jschiralli jschiralli
i'm applying to UTSG social sciences as well! the average is usually low 80's but they suggest to aim for mid 80's because it is different every year... on the website though it says you should be okay with about 83%. the representative from u of t that came to my school basically said they don't pay much attention to extra curriculars or community involvement... what they do is start with who has the highest average, and work their way down until the program is full. on einfo it says that they do pay special attention to english, however i'm not sure if that's completely true, but i'd aim for at least 75% in english to be safe. :)
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I agree.
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
hey, i'm in my first year in social sciences but i got an alternate offer to utsc from utsg :( i'm currently applying to transfer campuses... but the previous person is right, they will accept the highest averages and the mediocre/high-70s-really-low-80s people will be rejected :( aka me... i didn't work as hard as i should have in gr 12 so my best advice to you is to work as hard as you can and i'm not saying it's hard to get in because it's not, you're safe with an 83%+, but if you do your best, you've done enough
best of luck!
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