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A photo of KeVan KeVan
Well I am looking for a team to join, I can play almost any sports (not amazingly well) but I consider myself somewhat athletic and have been working out for almost a year now.

A friend recommended me the dragon boat team, so how do I sign up? Where are the tryouts and can I join a team that's not with my college? Also, If I want to join a team at UTSC, can I join a team that's from a different campus?

I'm also interested in doing any bicycle related work around the school, I have an ok foundation in bike repair/maintenance. Any ideas? I've been hearing something called Bikechain, does anybody know what they do exactly and do they ride often?

And is it true that most teams already have their team in mind so a lot of new joiners won't be able to get on any action any time soon?

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A photo of JChan JChan
cross country/track? from what I can tell, their standards are kind of on the lower end, even if you make the team you probably won't be on roster but at the same time, training with the team will bump your times
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A photo of KeVan KeVan
Well cross country is out the window, I never would want to be ultra thin, and my stamina sucks. Being a sprinter wouldn't be bad but I pack too much upper body weight (bulking atm). I want to try the mountain bike team cause I really do enjoy biking but I can't afford another big purchase, at least not for awhile because those bikes are at least 1000+. Plus, I would rather buy a road bike.
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A photo of moodeline moodeline
I would row maybe? You sound like you have the perfect background for it, and apparently at U of T it's not super strenuous/hard to get on the team. They said they'd post information here later to the date:
Men's http://www.varsityblues.ca/index.aspx?tab=rowing&path=row
Women's http://www.varsityblues.ca/index.aspx?tab=rowing2&path=wrowing
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A photo of kraken kraken
if you're not super amazing at anything you'll probably want to do intramurals. lower level, less time commitment, but still fun times. and I think they're fairly easy to join... I got on a team without even trying out because I was busy on the tryout day (but then had to quit anyway as I had a class on their practice night, grr)

also: Quidditch.
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A photo of deathangel deathangel
KeVan, I highly recommend you to go to the clubs orientation day sometime during the first two weeks of September. They have booths set up for different kinds of club and sport teams and you can sign up on the spot.

If you are considering dragon boat, come join the UC Waterdragons! We are one of the strongest uni teams in Canada :) University College Waterdragons
Oh, and you don't need to be in UC to join. Hope to see you there next year!
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