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UTSG Trinity college chances

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Hi, I applied to the University of Toronto (St. George campus) and ranked Trinity college first. I have yet to be accepted and am wondering my chances.

Here are my top six marks:

HSB4MF 89 (FINAL) *French immersion psych course
MCV4UV 91 (midterm)
SCH4UV 88 (midterm)

My average with those is 89.5%. I am also taking data and expect to have a midterm in the range of a 92 - 96. If that takes the place of functions, my average becomes a 91.

Other notes:
-I did French Immersion for a decade and received my diploma.
-I applied for BSc in psych and BA in East Asian Studies. My goal is to go to med school and become a psychiatrist and also to master the Japanese language.

Do you think I will get accepted? As far as I know, the only marks required are calculus and English. I also applied to Queens (have yet to hear back) and York (which accepted me... obviously. :P)

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