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UTSG Vic One vs UTSC Co-op

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Hey everyone! I'm having trouble choosing between U of T St. George Life Sci with Vic One in the Stowe-Gullen stream or U of T Scarborough for Neuroscience Co-op.

Apparently the neurosci co-op program at UTSC is super competitive because they only offer around 30-40 spots and they have a really good psych department. But I would still be taking my classes with many of the other students so it's not like the class sizes will be tiny.
At UTSG, I just got offered a spot in Vic One Stowe-Gullen which is their only lifesci oriented program which is super exciting :') These workshops are only 25 students, so the classes will for sure be intimate. I'm also really attracted to University College and their residences which is where I'd be staying.

I really like the co-op option at UTSC but I also really like the idea of Vic One and I want to have a rez life (I would still be on rez at UTSC but they only have townhouses so it doesn't seem as exciting as being in a building with a bunch of other people).
Which one do you think is better? In terms of difficulty, experience, student life. I'd like to go somewhere where I can get the most out of my education and also not kill my gpa so I can go to grad school or med school.

I was considering going to UTSG first year so I can get that first year rez experience and experience Vic One, and then transferring to UTSC second year so that I can do Co-op. Has anyone done this or does this sound very difficult to do?
I hear rule of thumb is a 10% drop from your high school average (and the transfer school will look at your high school and first year grades). I have a 94% average now so I may drop to 84%. Does it sound like it would be difficult for me to switch to UTSC for my second year?
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