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UTSG vs Mcmaster???

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Hello guys,

I am a new member to Studentawards and I appreciate any help with this matter from experienced members or anyone who can help me.

I am an Ontario Highschool student who is pretty strong academic wise. I am very interested in pursuing a career in research [My lifelong dream] and I need some advise on which is good university. I know most will advise me that this is my personal decision and that I have to go to the uni that I like. But the truth is, I like them both really well. They both suit me so personal opinion is out of the question.

So far I have been accepted into:

University of Toronto [St George] - Human Biology: Specialist in Genes, genetics and Biotechnology.
Mcmaster University - Life sciences
University of Waterloo: Biomedicine and Hons.Biology
York University: Biomedicine

For my career interest which is best? Mcmaster or U of t.

I will also be receiving OSAP and I know Mcmaster is much expensive, so is it really worth it?

Thank you so much. Any advice is appreciated.:compress:

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I'd go for McMaster.
From what I've heard about UTSG Life Science, it is EXTREMELY difficult and would require lots of dedication/hard work. UTSG also bell curves the mark so if you're thinking of doing a masters or a professional degree, UTSG might hurt your chances since getting a high GPA is really hard with UTSG Life Science.
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