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UTSG vs. UTSC - What would you choose?

A photo of heylooklisten heylooklisten
Got accepted to both for Anthro, but still wondering which route I should take. Both an equal amount of time away from home. I listed the pros and cons to help me out.

-Super competitive and harder to get high GPA
-Giant class sizes and population
-Great atmosphere, architecture, and in the heart of downtown
-Less sense of community and togetherness than UTSC
-Tons and tons of course selection options
-Better libraries

-Industrialist buildings, not very eye appealing
-Quieter and in a more natural environment (Rouge River, lots of trees, etc)
-Benefits of smaller class sizes
-Apparently easier to maintain high GPA than at UTSG
-Less facilities
-Has the big 'it's like high school all over again' accusation stamped to it
-A lot more Science based than Social Sciences/Humanities
-Less study space

This is what I've deduced from what many people have told me and what I've seen when I went to visit both. If you can bust a myth, clarify, or add anything, feel free.

What would you personally choose and why?

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A photo of Palisades Palisades
In your position I would go with UTSC. You're not living in res, and you live an equal distance from both so you can use the libraries of both easily. As a U of T student you can take classes at every campus if you feel limited by what's available at one campus, but if you're a UTSC student you'll be able to do co-op along with that. I feel like you're in a pretty good position, from what I hear UTSC and UTM offer better scholarships than UTSG too!
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A photo of heylooklisten heylooklisten
True, but what sucks is I got put into the regular program instead of co-op :P Making the decision more difficult.
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A photo of Zion Zion
UTSG. Even though it molests you academically, it beats going to high school again (high school meaning UTSC).
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
If you can somehow get back into the co-op program.. I would say UTSC.
Otherwise.. UTSG.
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A photo of ffcelik ffcelik
UTSC despite anything. In the long run, it's the GPA that matters.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
Geez, UTSG isn't a certain 2.0 GPA. You can do well.
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